Watch out for Scams!

Be aware of fraud and scams involving Online Payment Vouchers

  • This includes paysafecard, Flexepin, ecoVoucher, Neosurf
  • Do not share your pin with anyone!

Here are some of the current scams we are aware of, if you have seen another please report it at [email protected]:

  1. Validate or activate pin voucher scam
    • There are various sites that will ask you to “validate” or “activate” your pin, please keep in mind that once you purchase a voucher from TopMeUp, your pin is active and ready to be used on your preferred online application
  2. Non authorized merchants of OPVs (fake websites that say they take vouchers as a payment option but are not authorized to do so)
  3. Giving out personal information in any other way, other than through
    • We will never ask you for your information unless you make contact with us, please do not give out your information to anyone that claims to be from TopMeUp
    • Our approved support email is [email protected]
  4. Canada Revenue Agency Scam (CRA)
    • There have been people who pretend to be from the CRA and intimate you that you have not paid your taxes and if you don’t pay them through Online Payment Vouchers, they will arrest you. If you are purchasing vouchers for any other reasons than to use it on an approved merchant, you are being scammed.
    • Learn more from the Canada site: click here
  5. Do not provide payment to a QR code that you did not generate
    • There have been people who pretend to sell fake items on third party sites that will ask you to make payment to a QR code at a Canada Post (e.g. purchasing a puppy on kijiji with online payment vouchers is a scam!)
    • Unless you have generated your own QR code, do not pay for any persons QR code
  6. Do not purchase items online by giving your pin out (Purchasing a Vehicle via Kijiji, eBay etc…)
    • There have been scams that require you to purchase an Online Payment Voucher and provide the pin to the seller before they give you the goods/services
    • Do not provide your pin to anyone without receiving the goods/services before hand
    • It is recommended that you only spend your pin on authorized online retailers that accept Online Payment Vouchers as a method of payment
  7. How to look out for a potential scam?
    • Government of Canada has issued an article to help with identifying if something can be potentially a scam! Click here